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Interview with Philip Dees

Prelude: What struck me most about Philip’s work was the energy that comes out of his drawings and how he translates that into his three dimensional sculptures. In his introductory email to me, he stated, “At the core of my work is my love of drawing. Not finished refined drawing as works of art, but loose, exploratory, ever-changing, evolving thumbnail sketches.” The art of Philip Dees is exploratory tactile manifestations of line, shape, form and color.   This is the first in a series of what I hope will be many interviews with area artists. The title, Artside Inside came from a brain storming session with Jon Robeson and Trevor Bridgewater. We all thought the title appropriate as we take...

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Giants Walked Here

Giants Walked Here By: Brian Miller   It may come as a surprise to many in our community that Terre Haute over the years has been a breeding ground for successful creative visual artists. It certainly does not surprise me. I dedicate this article to all of the artists in Terre Haute: the teachers, writers, photographers, videographers, sculptors, website developers, painters, designers and illustrators; to all of you who make or have made Terre Haute a better place (“A Level Above”), to our award winning creative staff at MillerWhite Marketing and to Jane, my wife for 41 years, all of whom have helped me in the pursuit of my professional passion. From my early beginnings at Indiana State University, great...

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